Creative Design Tips with Plants

...breathe life into a space through nature..

Designers and property managers can get creative with the design process by using plants to improve the look and feel of a building. Proper use of plants can breathe life into a space through nature. Plants purify the air and create welcoming spaces. Consider using these six steps to beautify spaces in any commercial facility.

...the vibrant yellow planters complement the pops of color used in the design...

Use Planters for a Dynamic Impact

Choosing the right planter will significantly impact the design of a space. Work with various types, shapes, heights, and colors of planters to fit your specific design for the area. Choose a planter style that complements the plant to give the room the maximum design impact. Various planter options to consider include concrete or metal containers, terra-cotta or stone pots, and resin planters.

Find Plants with Unique Textures and Shapes

Leaves can make a huge impact on the space. Choose plants with leaves that draw the eye like the green and white striped Zebra plant or the red striped green leaves of the Fittonia plant. Leaves that have unique textures and shapes are a natural design gold mine.

...incorporate plants with colorful leaves like these crotons..

Incorporate Plants with Colorful Leaves

A plant is a unique and natural design element that can enhance the look of any space. To ensure that your design has the most impact, incorporate plants with colorful leaves. Make sure that the coloring in the leaves works well with the principal color scheme in the room. Choose plants with colors that complement the space but give that extra pop of color

Use Lighting to Your Advantage

To promote healthy growth of the plants, they need to be placed in spots that offer light or shade, depending on the necessary care. Lighting is a crucial factor to consider when spotlighting plants as an important facet in the design. Use the ambient lighting to your advantage and place the planter close to natural light from windows for special showcasing.

Planter Placement is Important

The placement of the planter is important since it can be utilized to channel traffic in the area or give special attention to a space. To create the most impact through natural beautification, design the space around the plants rather than simply adding plants to the area as an afterthought. Make sure you allow ample space for plant growth. Then get creative as you beautify the space. You can place the plants in unusual places for a more dramatic effect like in-ground planters that are truly part of the entire design. Wall planters are a modern trend that can amplify the natural beauty.

...showcase blooms through a floral arrangement rotation...

Rotate Planters to Showcase Blooms

Pay attention to the bloom cycle of the plants so that plants like bromeliads and orchids have maximum impact with their beautiful blooms. Planters may have to be rotated to showcase the blooms properly, so they aren't hidden from view. Remember that the design of the space is enhanced by unique, beautiful, and colorful blooms. Create more dynamic spaces in commercial facilities that you are designing or managing simply by using the power of natural beauty through plants. Get started today by implementing these six tips to beautify any space.

...Designing with nature may seem overwhelming, but let us help you through the process. Our designers take everything into consideration when they create a custom design for your space...


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