6 Reasons to Understand Biophilic Design: Everything You Need to Know

Biophilia. It's the new design craze, but why? Biophilic design is becoming vital to creating spaces in today’s world. At Green Oasis, we are the workers in biophilia: horticulturalists, designers, and enthusiasts for anything nature. Day in day out, it’s our passion to weave nature into the indoor environment. This is a mastery and yet a question still burns in so many minds, why biophilic design? Here’s our six reasons why. It’s everything you need to know.

...the beauty in nature...

· It’s estimated that more than 90% of our lives are spent inside buildings. As we spend more and more time in the built environment, less time is spent in nature, reconnecting us to our roots in nature. Here’s where biophilic designs comes in. It focuses on bringing experiences of nature to us indoors. Integrations of plants, wood, and nature’s materials in fabric are all great incorporations of biophilic design.

· We are born with innate connection with

nature. Biophilia is our tendency to be closely associated with forms of life in nature. There’s a reason that when humans need to take a moment away from life, they step into nature. Vacations on the beaches of Hawaii, hikes up the mountains in Montana, and star gazing in Arizona are all ways to ‘take a break’. When we connect with our roots, we tend to connect with ourselves. The natural landscape provides the resources necessary to survive: sunlight, food, water, and shelter and this is why humans feel a need for nature.

· With an increase in technology, multi-tasking is becoming a norm. Experts say our brains weren’t built for this onslaught. As our brain switches from task to task, the risk of brain fog increases. Nature is a powerful anecdote to counteract brain fog. Taking a walk can increase blood flow to your brain clearing up your mind.

· There is science behind the biophilic craze! The World Health Organization is predicting that stress related illnesses will be the largest contributor to disease by 2020. We see that the world is more stressful then it ever has been. When you start to stress, you require more oxygen because your body assumes you need to think better. Back in grade school, we all learned that photosynthesis releases oxygen into the air, hence the reason we need plants to survive. If you need more oxygen when you are stressed and plants provide oxygen, it’s a win-win to design them into your spaces.

· People work hard to be productive and effective workers in a workplace, but what if we said external conditions could increase productivity? Studies have shown us that biophilic design ideas implemented into work spaces have made employees that were 10% happier, healthier, and more productive. There’s a reason global corporations have engrained biophillic design into their buildings: Etsy, Joany, Solar, and Amazon are just a few to start.

· Nowadays, trendy is kind of a cliché, but when we say trendy, we mean here to stay. Due to the rapid urbanization of the modern world, biophilic design ideas have grown significantly. Biophilic design isn’t a trend, it’s a creation, a work in design.

Biophilic Design with Moss

Think of the times when you saw something in nature for the first time: the first snowfall, the first leaves dropping, the first flower of spring, all the times nature shocked and amazed you. That’s our work, our job to give you that same awesome feeling when nature is brought into your space. Biophilic design is a term for productivity, effectiveness, and connection.


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