2019 Design Trend!

...hanging green foliage creates a masterpiece in this restaurant..

Everyone loves bringing nature indoors! One of the designs trending right now is hanging planters. They save valuable floor space and have the added benefit of putting nature right in people’s sight lines. Hanging planters are a great way to soften stark building or landscaped surfaces. Creating a design using hanging plants can also help to outline a space creating defined areas which can be complicated to do otherwise in open offices.

The options are endless with using plants up in the air. Succulent baskets, cascading ivy varieties, or artificial arrangements are great options!

When choosing a planter, it’s a chance to get creative and complement the style of a space. There’s the retro natural look with a hemp style rope that gives a warmer feel then being suspended by a cable. The gray bowl hanging planter is clean and simple allowing room for the plants to make the statement. For a rustic interior, hanging baskets are a great alternative.

Plants add in the natural touch and create a biophilic feel to an area. Some of the popular hanging plants are: pothos ivy (6 different varieties!), philodendron monstera, succulents, Ficus elastica, peperomia, aglaonema, dieffenbachia. Most interior plants can work well depending on the light quantity and source. As with all plant designs, take advantage of contrasting leaf texture and color.

When the plants begin to grow and settle into the planter, a design opportunity arises. Will the plant cascade? Will it grow tall? For companies in our service zones, Green Oasis can assist you with suggestions and design ideas.

Thank you for reading- keep a look out- we have some other hot new trends we will discuss next month. Until then be safe and bring nature indoors!


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