Increase productivity with office plant rentals!

Indoor office plants add character and enliven bland, boring work spaces. We work with you to create a design to complement any space. Leaf color, plant size, planter color are all aspects we take into consideration in your custom design. Our design teams stay on top of trends to keep your space up to date and innovative.

Plants for the office boost morale and productivity. Studies have shown that nature has been known to increase creativity and productivity! Biophillic design is important in today’s work world as humans are spending more and more time indoors. Plants are proven to absorb harmful toxins that we would otherwise breath. Things like formaldehyde and benzene released by carpet, desks, upholstery and other man-made material. Office plants have been proved to help reduce the effects of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) and are a key player in producing a healthy indoor environment where employees want to work.

It’s first a collaboration in design. Then, it’s our job to install and your job to enjoy the nature as our professional horticulturists service your plants. The team is there for you to ensure you love the product and the plants are kept looking their best. Our techs are polite and courteous and are given everything they need to attend to any issue that may arise while servicing.

IMPRESSIONS COUNT. Complement and strengthen your corporate brand and style with our office plant service.


Improve your space with our amazing floral program!

We all know how floral arrangements brighten spaces and positively affect people's mood and thoughts. For many, fresh weekly corporate floral arrangements are cost prohibitive. We create replica floral arrangements that are incredibly realistic down to the finest detail. We invite you to see what these can do for your space!


Interested in the details? Our standard program works like this: we help you select a size that suits your space, then once a month we switch out the arrangement for a fresh, new look. It's very simple, there is no long term commitment and the difference it makes to a lobby or interior space is incredible! We invite you to contact us to TRY A SAMPLE of our corporate floral displays!

Green Oasis Plantscapes  
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