Green Oasis Plantscapes offers more than your average interior plant service and design. From modern-infused designs to interior plant walls, you have access to a variety of arrangements you won’t find anywhere else. 

Service & Maintenance

Our passion is to have people fall in love with their spaces by designing an oasis. We are specialists in creating interior plant designs that are wow worthy and providing the plant service to maintain that look. Every design is a perfect combination of plant shape, texture, and color paired with the right shape and hue of planters. 


Employee turnover costs are extremely high as is sick leave. Plants are proven to absorb harmful toxins that we would otherwise breath. Things like formaldehyde and benzene released by carpet, desks, upholstery and other man made material. Office plants have been proved to help reduce the effects of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), and are a key player in producing a healthy indoor environment where employees want to work.

Introducing plants into offices has a massive visual impact. A well designed planting scheme works in tandem with your office's design, color palette, and space. We build a well-matched, intelligent design that will complement the space and add color, interest, and life. Our designers work with you to select the correct planters for your office space. Once the planters and placement have been selected we'll work you to choose the plants that will both look great and thrive in the location, taking into account the size constraints, light levels, and look desired.

All humans have a subconscious connection with nature. Biophilia is our innate connection with nature and as humans spent more time indoors, it’s being incorporated into designs. With the rise of biophilic design recognition for this vital element is increasing.  University studies have proved there’s a link between including plants in offices and staff having a better mood, increased productivity, and improved creativity.  By adding back in the link between nature and employees with plants, an environment where staff are positive, comfortable, and happy is achieved.  The effects of this are better output, decreased sickness, and lower staff turnover.

To us, breathing life into a space with interior plants is a mission. We believe in creating a oasis for every space that we interact with.

Green Oasis Plantscapes  
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