THE green oasis creed

"The core of our service...

#1 We are a TEAM. Everything I do is for the good of the TEAM. If the TEAM wins, I win. If the TEAM fails, I fail.

#2 The customer is the boss; we will respect her or him in word and in deed.

#3 We will do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

#4 We understand that an unsightly plant is bad both for our client’s image and ours. Any plant that is dead, dying or overgrown will be immediately addressed and replacements will be in place in less than 72 hours.


#5 We will respond to customer’s correspondence within 1 hour of receipt.

#6 We will think for the future, not for some short term gain.

#7 We will respect time by being punctual and on-time to our commitments.

#8 We will leave the areas that we work in as clean as or cleaner than when we arrived.

#9 We will be neat, clean, and presentable and always in uniform.

#10 We will be positive! 

Together we can.....together we will!

Green Oasis Plantscapes  
San Antonio: 210.653.8900     
Austin: 512.870.8192

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